We live in a world that has at least four dimensions...height, width, depth and time. Couple that with movement, smell, sound and the emotion we all bring to whatever appears before our eyes and you have our life experience. Now compress it to two dimensions...height and width...and take away smell, sound, movement and any inherent empathy and it's amazing that any photograph can have an impact.

But they do!

Communication with a camera, when it occurs, removes all barriers. You no longer have to speak the language and your ethnicity, gender, age, religion, national origin and often life experience all become irrelevant. All you have to be is human and have eyes and somewhere in there, a soul. And photography can reach you. That's why I do it. That's why I've always done it and why I always will. I began before I started public school. Through my lens, I've seen the death of Presidents and the birth of a grandchild. I've shot sports, weddings, olympics, portraits and told stories of all types with a camera and sometimes with words as well.

Beauty is everywhere, but we must be alive in some special way to see it. To that end, I always have a camera at hand. Always. Now that I no longer have the constraints of having to make much of a living, I am at last free to shoot as I want, to be bold and daring with images and chase what catches my interest.

Bring your dreams, your passions but mostly bring yourself and let's shoot!

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